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Key Features and Advantages

Manage all fleet expenses from your mobile devices to your desktop seamlessly. Save your company money at the pump and spend less time managing your fleet.
Visa Fuel Card Edenred

> Universal Acceptance

Collaboration with Visa®

Accepted everywhere that takes Visa®. Take advantage of an open loop system with the controls and advantages of a closed loop system.
Our platform has two purchasing options:

  • Fuel only: Real-time spend controls for refueling, including EV charging
  • Fuel & More: Maintenance, tolls, parking, car washes, in-store purchases and more

Clients will enjoy Visa Benefits. Visa Roadside* Dispatch®, whenever you need a tow, and Visa® Zero Liability Waiver, which protects you from potential loss due to employee misuse.


Quality Customer Service

Edenred Essentials Visa fleet card is proud of our friendly US-based expert customer service representatives and their commitment to our clients, ensuring questions are answered and resolved quickly.

Results show that our service levels are greater than 85%.

Customer Service Visa Fuel Card


Fee Transparency

Edenred Essentials Visa fleet card solution promises there will be no hidden fees. Rest assured that as an Edenred client, you will never be confronted with rogue fees that just suddenly appear with no explanation. Our fees are always flat-rate and transparent.


User-friendly Experience

Seamlessly work from your mobile device to your desktop, with a consistent experience. Ease-of-use is essential for your fleet managers, admins and drivers.

Flexible Real-time Controls

Easily define what can be expensed, plus:

  • Limit spending by product or amount
  • Oversee declined transactions or potential fraud
  • Allow employees to request spending increase
  • Change your settings in seconds

On-hand Expense Data

Track, analyze and download data to excel for purchases made by the entire fleet or a single employee. Get quick access to:

  • Purchases by time of day
  • Total spend by fuel category
  • Total spend by purchase group
  • And so much more

Secure Payments

Security is always uppermost at Edenred, that’s why we use EMV chip cards. We stay on top of security and keep our clients safe.

EV Compatibility

Built to accept EV charging payments, Edenred Essentials lets you stay ahead of the curve as your fleet grows and adapts.

Additional Savings

Begin saving at the pump with your first gallon of fuel! Fuel up at any Costco fuel location and receive unmatched fuel savings with your Costco membership.

> Easy to Switch

Fewer Headaches Start to Finish

With only a few minutes from application to acceptance, Edenred Essentials makes it easy to switch and onboard your fleet. Our digital platform and quality customer service team offers a painless onboarding process.

Make the switch today!

* Monthly card fees will be waived for first six (6) months upon signing the Edenred Essentials Visa® Fleet Card Company agreement. After first six (6) months, monthly card fees referenced in EDENRED ESSENTIALS VISA® FLEET CARD COMPANY AGREEMENT will apply.