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Edenred Essentials, built in partnership with Visa®, will save your fleet time and costs. It’s the premier fleet solution with you at the controls, powering your fleet to deliver more by removing barriers that are limiting productivity.

Simplify how you manage your company’s fleet.

Edenred Visa Fleet Fuel Card

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Start saving money and time today with a solution that gives you consolidated fleet reporting, online dashboards and real-time controls.

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Determine the hours per week you spend pulling various reports, gathering fleet data and receipts. Also, don’t forget to include hours spent with your fleet crew fielding questions and issues that pop-up that you need to trouble-shoot.

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Insert card. Increase productivity.

Edenred Essentials is a premier fleet expense card, built with Visa, that’s designed to make your business more productive. With our user-friendly digitalized solution, you’ll have real-time access to your company’s fleet card data, whether you’re in the field or at your desktop. You’ll instantly know what your expenses are 24/7 in real-time. Edenred Essentials Visa fleet solution meets you where you are and saves time for you and your employees by simplifying how you manage and control fuel, EV charging and vehicle expenses.


Customer Service that won't keep you waiting.

There are times you may like to speak to someone in customer service. Our exceptional, US-based customer service representatives are dedicated and committed to answering your questions and resolving any matter. With some of the shortest wait times in the industry, we can help you keep your business moving.
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Set controls upfront and get real-time data.

The card, mobile app and online platform work the way you want to work, based solely on your control settings. Our dashboard provides quick access to the real-time information, transactional data, declined transactions and more.

As a client, you’ll get prompt alerts and notifications that tell drivers why an expense is declined, and administrators have the power to increase a driver’s spending limits, thus resolving problems immediately—from anywhere—without leaving a driver stranded at the pump.


Your drivers won’t get stranded at the pump.

Edenred Essentials Visa fleet solution features Visa® benefits which include Roadside Dispatch® when employees have vehicle issues. Plus, Visa® Liability Waiver means you won’t be held responsible for unauthorized charges. Since Visa® is the most widely-accepted card in the world, your fleet won’t have to look far for a fill-up!
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Getting work to work better.

Improve efficiency, reduce costs, and empower your workforce. Based on 50 years of experience and insights from across the globe, Edenred aligns our products, platforms, and people with your needs to achieve your goals.

3 million vehicles served No matter what your fleet drives, we make their jobs easier.


200,000+ corporate clients From retail to agriculture, our experience includes your industry.


$400 million in payments worldwide Be it fuel, charging, tolls or maintenance, we help businesses better manage their expenses.

Make fleet management easier.

Compare what is vs. what could be with Edenred Essentials. Learn more about how we can help you move your business forward.

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Edenred Visa Fleet Card

Edenred launches innovative Visa fleet card solution.

New service in the U.S. brings enhanced digital capabilities and greater efficiencies to save businesses time and money.

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1. Customers must pay service provider for mileage over five miles. A secondary unit being towed behind is not included but can be accommodated for an additional fee. Standard Winching applies within 100 feet of paved or county maintained road only. Additional fees may apply for winching services under certain circumstances.

Additional Terms: Service providers supplying emergency roadside assistance and towing are independent contractors and are solely liable for their services. Neither Visa nor shall have any responsibility or liability in connection with the rendering of the service. Emergency roadside assistance and towing may not be available in areas not regularly traveled, nor in other “off road” areas not accessible by ordinary towing vehicles. Weather conditions, time of day, and availability of service may affect assistance responses. Expectations for dispatch are set with the customer on every call, and an expected estimated time of arrival is provided to the customer regardless of their location; however, neither Visa nor provides any assurances as to the ability of the Service Provider to meet such estimates. You are responsible for any roadside assistance or towing charges incurred by facilities responding to your request even if you are not with your vehicle or your vehicle is gone upon their arrival. Services provided by United States Auto Club, Motoring Division, Inc. Current fee for a standard service call is $69.95. Service call fees are subject to change at any time; however, callers will be notified prior to any service dispatch. This program may be discontinued at any time without prior notice. Program void where prohibited.

* Monthly card fees will be waived for first six (6) months upon signing the Edenred Essentials Visa® Fleet Card Company agreement. After first six (6) months, monthly card fees referenced in EDENRED ESSENTIALS VISA® FLEET CARD COMPANY AGREEMENT will apply.