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Trades & Construction

Trades Fuel Card

Speed up your pitstops.

Moving from job site to job site, every minute matters. With Edenred Essentials your team knows what can and can’t be expensed at their pitstop so your fleet is always heading in the right direction – forward to revenue generating work.

Work smarter. Not harder.

From purchase controls to real-time notifications, see what sets Edenred Essentials apart from other fleet card solutions.

Trades Fleet Gas Card
Trades Fleet Fuel Card


Be a workforce to be reckoned with.

No need for your employees to waste time or fuel to go out of the way to find the “right” gas station. Your employees can use Edenred Essentials cards anywhere Visa® is accepted, making pitstops—particularly ones to refuel or recharge—more convenient.

At the point of sale, they won’t need a receipt because purchases are tracked through our app and desktop portal. Really, all your fleet needs to focus on is getting to the next job. And if Spanish is your employee’s primary language, no worries. Our app supports both Spanish and English.


Know who spent what, where and when.

Every time something is paid for using Edenred Essentials, you’ll know about it. The card pairs with our app so that you can see expenses as they happen.

There’s no need to collect and sift through receipts when doing expense reports, and card misuse is easily prevented by the spending limits you set and our real-time alerts.

Trades Business Gas Card
* Monthly card fees will be waived for first six (6) months upon signing the Edenred Essentials Visa® Fleet Card Company agreement. After first six (6) months, monthly card fees referenced in EDENRED ESSENTIALS VISA® FLEET CARD COMPANY AGREEMENT will apply.