Welcome to Edenred Essentials fleet management solution. We’re happy to meet you!
Welcome to 2023! A new year is a time ripe for making positive changes and resolving to produce better, more efficient, and powerful results. Edenred believes that those resolutions can, and should, impact your work life as well!
Fleet Fuel Card Edenred Visa

Why not begin 2023 by making a work life changing decision that will save you time, money, increased efficiency, and simplify your fleet management work life? Isn’t it time to MAKE YOUR BUSINESS MOVE?

If you’re ready for a revolutionary method to tackle a day-to-day task, Edenred Essentials has you covered. There are so many reasons to move your fleet management to Edenred Essentials fleet solution which is proudly powered by Visa – the most accepted card on the planet – including the territory your business just happens to cover.

For today, let’s talk about efficiency that saves you much needed time and reduces your company’s risk by having the ability to spot misuse by providing oversight all in one place.

Have you ever logged onto your fleet dashboard to pull one piece of information and find yourself frustrated by having to go searching and clicking all over the place just to get your hands on that one rogue receipt, or get to the bottom of why your frustrated driver’s latest five purchases were declined? It’s a great way to catch a headache but it’s no way to run a business, is it?

Edenred Essential offers a state-of-the-art platform that was created to make your life so much easier! We provide information in the form of customizable tiles with information about everything you need to know in real-time from “declined transactions”, to “available credit”. When you log onto the Edenred Essentials platform you’ll be viewing what’s MOST important to YOU – not what “we” think you should be looking at. With Edenred Essentials, you can have it YOUR way. And really, why shouldn’t you?

We also know you’re in a hurry and have a million things to do – need to activate, cancel, freeze, report a lost or stolen card? We have action buttons for that – that’s right – with one click you simply select the action you’re ready to take and we make it easy, simple, and fast. Forget the searching around for this tab that takes you to the pull-down menu on the next page – who has time for that? You have a job to do and it’s our job to help you do it with accuracy and speed. To apply, click here.

Edenred Essentials presents you with a fully digital, mobile and desktop solution. So, whether you’re jumping in the truck to make your next service call, meeting, delivery, OR it’s the hours you set aside to see what’s really going on with your fleet – our platform is ready to provide the data you need in less time and with more detail. Drill down if you need to, click on the reports tab if you have a deadline to make or click “Activate” if you have a driver that needs to be on the road rather than waiting for card to work.

Another scavenger hunt no one likes to play is “where did I leave that receipt?”. How many minutes and even hours have been wasted by your drivers trying to find the receipt that they KNOW they kept but can never seem to find or, if it does finally pop up, the purchase information is obscured beneath a coffee stain? Edenred Essentials shuts down that frustrating game by offering the ability to upload receipts as soon as the purchase is made.

If you’re ready to advance to the easiest fleet platform you’ll grow to love, Edenred Essentials is ready to meet you where you are. Simply click here to apply and you’ll be on your way to performing tasks that you no longer avoid and dread. The only thing you’ll have to decide after implementing our Visa Powered Edenred Essentials fleet card, is what are you going to do with all that extra time you’ll find yourself saving?

Stay tuned – we’ve got lots more to share! Until next time.